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About Me

I am a qualified freelance Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, training clients in their own homes or out of my fully-fitted free weight garage gym in Morton nr. Bourne; whichever you prefer. For those who are not 100% confident or who are self-conscious about training around others in public gyms, the flexibility of home-training may ensure you are more comfortable.

Having gone from almost 17 stone down to 11 stone 4 in only a year and a half without any professional help, I know that my system works. Tailoring my successful system around your personal fitness goals is what I love; I focus on helping my clients realise their fitness potential, while improving their nutritional knowledge and mental wellbeing as a result. For me, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for longevity.

Three years ago, I hated anything to do with raising the heart rate and lived on fatty foods and takeaways! However, I got to the point where I realised that something needed to be done. I put together my home gym and researched exercise routines constantly, falling in love with training, qualifying as a Personal Trainer in March 2015, eventually leading to the business I run today.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to stay motivated and dedicated to your goals, and it is incredibly rewarding to see my own story become the motivation for others.


Learn more by reading my story.


REPS Registered Exercise Professional

- Level 2 Fitness Instructor

- Level 3 Personal Trainer

- Ciruit Training

- Kettlebells

- Vipers

- Interval Training

- Programming

- Nutritional Advisor